Willa Ula



Please, read the following rules, which are applicable in our apartment and quarters.

  1. 1. The payment for the stay is charged on the day of your arrival in accordance with the booking period of the room / apartment which you have determined. If you leave earlier than on the date you have determined in your booking, the payment for the whole stay shall not change.
  2. 2. The customers are obliged to check in immediately after their arrival. To confirm their identity the customers have to submit their personal document with a photo (Civil Registration Act of 10/04/1974; Official Journal 2001 no. 87 pos. 960).
  3. 3. Quiet hours are from 10:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.
  4. 4. The guest house provides services in accordance with its category and standard. In case of any claims concerning the quality of services please report them to the reception, which will give us the opportunity to react immediately. The guest should report the reception of the guest house immediately if he / she notices a damage.
  5. 5. The hotel guest must not give his / her room to any third parties, even if the period he / she has paid the due sum for has not elapsed.
  6. 6. The visitors are asked to leave the guest house before 10 p.m.
  7. 7. The guest house is entitled to reject a guest who breached the rules of the hotel grossly while his / her previous stay, causing damage to the hotel property or to the property of any guests, or causing personal injury to any guests, employees of the guest house or any other people staying in the hotel, or he / she disturbed a quiet stay of any guests or functioning of the hotel in any way.
  8. 8. In case of an unrealized stay the whole advance paid to the guest house Villa Ula is lost. If the customer informs the guest house at least 30 days before the planned arrival about the necessity of changing the dates, the advance will be left to use up until the end of the calendar year. A new booking period will be determined with an employee of the guest house Villa Ula in accordance with the booking possibilities.
  9. 9. The guest house reserves the right to change the booked room to another one in case of such a necessity.
  10. 10. The owner of the guest house is neither responsible for valuable things and money left in the rooms nor for the loss or damage to the car or another vehicle which belongs to the customer.
  11. 11. The customer is responsible for any kind of damage or destruction of pieces of equipment and technical appliances, which are caused by his / her fault.
  12. 12. Because of the requirements of fire protection and general safety you must not use in the room any boilers, microwaves, heaters, gas appliances, energy-using devices or machines which do not constitute a stable equipment of the room (among others air-conditioners). It does not apply to chargers and TV or radio power supply units or computer appliances.
  13. 13. Personal objects which are left by a leaving guest in the room will be sent back to him / her at the indicated address at his / her expense. In case we have not received such a disposition the belongings will be stored for one month and then they will be destroyed.
  14. 14. We shall not give any information about the personal data of our customers to any third parties.
  15. 15. Leaving cars is allowed only in places which are designated for this purpose. Parking next to the guest house is free of charges but the cars are not attended.
  16. 16. Because of the comfort and safety of our customers and legal provisions we have introduced an ABSOLUTE SMOKING BAN in the whole building except a place which is designated for this purpose. Guests who do not follow this ban will be punished with a fine of 100 PLN for every breach of the ban.
  17. 17. As soon as you get the key to the room you become the host of your room. The room can be tidied up upon request but you have to agree on this service with the hotel staff (there is a surcharge for the service).
  18. 18. As soon as the booking period has elapsed the customer is obliged to give back the key to the reception. A hotel employee is entitled to check the state of the room and to charge the customer for any damage in the room.
  19. 19. The loss of the key shall be punished with a fine of 50 PLN.

Zasady rezerwacji online


  • 1. Booking is considered as confirmed as soon as you receive an e-mail with the information about its acceptance.
  • 2. Prices which you can find in the system include the VAT. They can include other services, too, which are listed in the description of the offer.

Cancellation and changes of your booking

  • 1. If you do not carry out the steps described while making a booking within the required time your booking will be cancelled automatically.
  • 2. A cancellation or a change of your booking are possible via the link which is included in the e-mail or on the way of a direct contact with the service staff. Using the link in the e-mail allows an automatic, immediate cancellation of your booking.


  • 1. The person who makes a booking online is responsible for the accuracy of the data which are given in the booking form. The service staff is not responsible for a false choice of the period of booking or for incorrect data given in the form. In case you find out any incorrectness which you cannot correct by editing your booking please contact the service staff immediately.
Please report remarks or oversights of any kind to the reception.